South Jordan

South Jordan residents who are looking for the best in a marriage counselor, family therapist or individual counselor turn to the caring professionals at Live Well Counseling.

Life is not always easy, and sometimes it can feel like we have lost our way. The therapists at our South Jordan practice offer you hope. We know you can be happy and healthy again, and we can help you get there. Whether you’re dealing with a seemingly intolerable situation, a sense of emptiness or a nagging feeling something is missing, we can help.

Couples Therapy

Regardless of what point you’re at in the journey with your romantic partner, you can benefit from couples counseling. Some couples are stalled and unable to move forward in their relationship. Others are happily engaged to be married and want to learn how to form healthy patterns of communication early to better set the stage for success. We also provide marriage counseling to newly married couples as well as those who have been together more than 30 years.

If you are unsure if couples counseling is for you, come in for a 30-minute couples checkup session to discuss your issues and gauge your needs.

Kids, Teens & Family Therapy

The path to adulthood is fraught with challenges. Our therapists treat kids and teens who are struggling with problems with friends or school, ADHD, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and more. We provide talk therapy to older kids, and we employ play therapy techniques with younger children who may be affected by trauma, grief or other issues.

Oftentimes these problems affect the entire family, and other family members bring their individual issues into the mix as well. We offer family counseling to make living — and living together — easier.

Individual Therapy

We provide individual therapy to South Jordan residents for innumerable and wide-ranging issues. Whether you’re undergoing a life change, you’re suffering the negative effects of external forces or you’re looking for professional guidance, our counselors are here for you.

Many of our patients are dealing with interpersonal issues, including the disappointment of a loved one’s refusal to attend therapy with them. We teach coping skills as well as techniques for growing and thriving, even in the most challenging environments.

Other Specialties

Our therapists also provide maternal mental health counseling for post-partum depression and additional issues surrounding birth and adoption, as well as EMDR therapy for anyone pursuing healing after trauma or to help relieve the symptoms of PTSD.

Live Well Counseling of South Jordan

It is our goal to provide patients with the best, most convenient services, and that’s why we also offer telehealth sessions as well as in-person meetings. Most of our therapy sessions are 50 minutes and insurance often covers the cost.

Your mental health is our focus. Your progress depends on finding a therapist you trust, someone you feel comfortable with. Call our South Jordan office today and talk to a Live Well Counseling staff member for help with matching you with the right counselor for you.