Couples Checkup

Are you worried that there might be somethings in your marriage or relationship you need to work on, but not sure if you need couples therapy?...


Take Inventory on Your Relationship

A couples checkup at Live Well Counseling Services in South Jordan, Utah is designed as a way to take the first steps toward getting some help to strengthen your relationship without the need to commit to any specific length or number of therapy sessions right away.

Commit to Your Relationship

Over time even people in the strongest relationships can experience problems. The sooner you can work with your spouse or significant other to repair things that are not working, spark meaningful conversations, and rediscover the things that made you fall in love in the first place, the stronger your relationship will be over time.

When you’re not sure if you need couples therapy yet, a checkup allows you to take a small step toward a healthier relationship without the commitment of several therapy sessions. Once you meet with one of our couples counselors in South Jordan, Utah, you can determine if you need a more in-depth therapy package with scheduled sessions over time.

Schedule a Couples Checkup at Our South Jordan Office

Couples checkups at our counseling office in South Jordan, Utah are just 30 minutes, so they are an affordable and easy way for you and your spouse or partner to find the time. There are no commitments when you schedule, so you can come in and talk about your needs and concerns, and work with the therapist to find out what would be best in your relationship.