West Jordan

When life feels overwhelming and you don’t know where to turn for help, know that the caring, professional mental health counselors at Live Well Counseling are here for you. We serve patients throughout West Jordan, Utah, and beyond.

Our therapists provide marriage counseling, family therapy, individual treatment and more to address relationship issues, long-standing patterns of dysfunction, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, eating disorders, PTSD and other common issues so many of us struggle with daily.

West Jordan Individual Therapy

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or stuck in a rut living in the world today. From coping with the pressures of work and family obligations to dealing with the anxiety of constant news updates, we can become stuck in unhealthy patterns. The sooner you unlearn these patterns and work toward freeing yourself, the happier you will be.

If you find yourself self-soothing with food or alcohol, unable to sleep or exercise, feeling devoid of energy and sometimes even hopeless, call our mental health counselors. We can help.

Couples Therapy in West Jordan

Our primary relationships are often the most difficult ones. Whether you’ve been dating your significant other for six months or you’ve been married 30 years, it can be challenging to communicate effectively and work through your problems. We help couples deal with basic issues such as how have more productive discussions to more difficult challenges such as infidelity and addiction.

If you are unsure if couples counseling is right for you, try our 30-minute couples checkup to discuss your issues and find out how we might be able to address them.

Kids, Teens & Family Therapy

Growing up has never been easy, and it just seems to get more difficult. Kids and teenagers deal with bullying, ostracism, loneliness, fear, insecurity and pressure to succeed. These challenges can in turn cause anxiety and depression that can lead to substance abuse, eating disorders, self-harm and other destructive behaviors.

Our counselors treat troubled teens with cognitive behavioral therapy and we help younger children who may not have the words to express their pain through play therapy, addressing grief, trauma, PTSD and more.

Our mental health therapists also treat families as a group, teaching listening skills that can help bring a return to mutual respect among the family unit and ultimately, a more peaceful household. Although you may sometimes feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked, professional advice from our highly trained children’s therapists can put you and your family back on track.

Other Specialties

We also commonly see patients with maternal mental health issues such as post-partum depression and struggles with infertility, and we provide EMDR therapy as a tool to recover from trauma and PTSD.

Live Well Counseling

Because our goal is to provide the best and most convenient services, we offer telehealth sessions as well as in-person sessions to our patients throughout West Jordan. Each session is 50 minutes long, and insurance often covers the cost.

Resolve to make this the year you get the help you need to live your best life. Call today.