Family Therapy

We don’t always get to choose our family, but when your family relationships are strained or you are having a hard time connecting to one another, you can choose how you tackle that together....


Therapy for All Family Types

Families today come in many different shapes and sizes, from blood relatives to adopted parents and children, foster families, and step-families. Our interactions with family members teach us a lot about how to connect with others.

Unfortunately not every family is able to deal with conflict and issues or connect with one another in loving and constructive ways. The good news is that you can work on dysfunctional family dynamics and find ways to work through problems.

Long-Term or Short-Term Counseling

Sometimes families just need short-term counseling for specific events, such as:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Difficult transitions such as a move, job change, or divorce
  • Changes in the family dynamic through adoption, marriage, or foster care
  • Financial struggles that add stress

Other times families need long-term counseling to help with ongoing challenges or those related to mental health issues for one or more family members, such as someone who is struggling with addiction. The goal is to help everyone work together to resolve their own problems and learn to view things through the lens of the entire family unit and not just as individuals.

Live Well Counseling in South Jordan, Utah can help you and your family discover harmony again. Call us today.

Counseling with a Whole-Family View

Successful family therapy may require several different techniques for different members. We work with a variety of exercises that may include some or all of the following:

  • Individual therapy for each family member
  • Interpersonal therapy sessions with two or more family members
  • Group therapy sessions with the entire family
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy individually or as a group

We will learn the dynamics of how your family functions so we can give you useful tools and techniques to become less emotionally reactive to one another and more constructive in problem solving and communication. That may involve combining several different types of therapy and different techniques based on what your family interactions are like now. Involving your whole family in therapy means your therapist can understand individual dynamics in the context of the whole and see how behaviors from family members affect one another.

Ultimately our goal is to work with you to strengthen your family bonds as well as your ability to work together to solve problems as they come up. Some family conflict is inevitable, but the way we react to and work through that conflict is something that therapy can change. Through family therapy you can:

  • Better understand healthy boundaries
  • Enhance communication among family members
  • Work together on problem solving
  • Develop empathy for one another
  • Reduce conflict and learn anger management skills
  • Build trust and develop a more supportive family environment

Schedule a Session at Our South Jordan Office

The first step to take in strengthening your family bonds through therapy is to schedule a session at our South Jordan, Utah office where we can talk about your goals and struggles as a family and determine what therapies and strategies will work best to health the emotional, mental, or psychological problems that are getting in the way of healthy family relationships.