Couples Counseling

Relationships often begin with love and a deep connection to one another, but over time even the best relationships can develop cracks....


Improve Your Relationship with Couples Therapy 

Unfortunately many people think that couples counseling is only something for those with really “serious” issues, and that it should be a last resort. The truth is that all relationships are challenging and take work, and most couples can benefit from marriage counseling long before a marriage is strained to the point that you feel like you need a therapist.

Build Better Understanding

One of the keys to maintaining a strong bond over the years is the ability to communicate and truly understand the needs of your partner. Whether you have been together for years or are just starting out in your relationship, opening communication can help you better understand the things inside your partner’s head, such as his or her:

  • Wishes
  • Dreams
  • Worries
  • Goals
  • Joys
  • Fears

These things can change over time, so even if you feel like you knew it once, it’s important to continue to communicate as you both grow personally. Couples therapy gives you the chance to discuss things with your partner in a judgment-free setting with a therapist who can help you work on understanding one another better.

Resolve Conflict in Your Marriage or Relationship 

If your relationship has reached a point where you feel like you are always fighting with one another, therapy can help you learn healthy ways to disagree without getting into personal conflict. You may not even realize that the way you communicate with each other is making it harder to resolve your conflicts, but relationship counseling can teach you the phrases that could trigger your partner or escalate a disagreement, as well as the ones that allow you to express yourself appropriately and move toward a resolution. Therapy can help you get things back on track as a couple.

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Sex Therapy for Utah Couples

Some couples struggle with sexual difficulties that can get in the way of a healthy and strong relationship. Sex therapy is designed to help you understand what sexual difficulties exist and find ways to resolve them together. Sessions could be done individually or together (or a mix of both), and your therapist can help you decide which is right in your relationship. The sessions may include:

  • Discussions about your health
  • Information about your sexual background
  • Discussions about your sexual beliefs and sex education
  • Questions about the specific concerns in your relationship

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable or awkward talking to a stranger about sex, but the goals of your therapy session are to discover what is holding you back from having a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse or partner. Your therapist will usually assign “homework” that you and your partner can try at home to open up communication and reduce anxiety in your sex life.

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Just like any relationship in your life, the ability to manage emotions, cope with stress, and communicate can help rekindle the connection you once had and feel like you have lost. It takes time to learn and cultivate these skills, and a marriage counselor can help you get there together. Take the first step towards relationship repair and make an appointment with one of our counselors in South Jordan, Utah today.